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[VMWorld 2020] What’s New in WMware Cloud on Dell EMC

What’s New in WMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Last year VMware Cloud on Dell EMC was announced at the Dell Technology event and later on the new offering was available in some regions across the world.

Now at VMWorld 2020, VMware brings some news to this very special plateform and we’ll go through some of them.

What is VMC on Dell EMC about again?

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My experience on implementing VMware Datastores into VPLEX

The purpose of this operation was to encapsulate existing datastores into VPLEX to take benefit of the synchronous and high availability features of VPLEX Metro between 2 sites.

Unfortunately I got into trouble with an issue that I really didn’t expect and anticipate. This is why I thought important to give you my experience on this and hopefully help anyone planning to do the same. But before going any further, let me give you some info regarding the customer environement and VPLEX.

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VPLEX is a virtual storage system that stands between your storage arrays and your hosts. It virtualizes all arrays connected to it and then presents as one storage system your volumes to hosts.

So basically, you attach any compatible storage to VPLEX and then the magic goes, all your hosts will see just one array with the volumes you’d like to present. I won’t go into details on how to configure VPLEX as this is out of scope in this article.

One of the strength of VPLEX is that it’s a great storage system and perhaps the best allowing to have a real active-active infrastructure and migrate VMs easyly between multiple sites. But is good also for migration of multiple storage arrays.

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WMware Cloud on DellEMC announced at DellTechnologies World

At DellTechnologies World, some good announcements have been made including also new partnerships that we’ll talk about in another post.
But before going further, it is important to remind you guys what happened last year at VMworld.

The project Dimension was revealed, which is a new way to deliver the SDDC on hardware as-a-service to customer’s on-premises. It can be implemented on either your datacenters or on an edge location.

So basically, you can have hardware as-a-service on-prem where you can then implement your SDDC stack and never care about hardware maintenance, upgrade, patching etc.. because VMware does it for you. This is a brand new concept which I think is the best combination for Hybrid Cloud to also get rid of CAPEX.

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EMC welcomes Unity to its family

During EMC World 2016 that has ended a couple of days ago in Vegas, EMC unveiled a brand new product named “Unity”.


So, what is Unity about?

Unity is a modern, scalable, simple and affordable Unified storage array that targets the mid-range storage market. It is a Block and File 2U storage solutions that supports the traditional storage protocols:

  • SAN: FC & iSCSI

Regarding the architecture, it has a new linux-based architecture that was designed for flash and optimized for workload application and virtualized environments.

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