[VMWorld 2020] What’s New in WMware Cloud on Dell EMC

What’s New in WMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Last year VMware Cloud on Dell EMC was announced at the Dell Technology event and later on the new offering was available in some regions across the world.

Now at VMWorld 2020, VMware brings some news to this very special plateform and we’ll go through some of them.

What is VMC on Dell EMC about again?

VMware Cloud on DellEMC is a hardware as-a-service plateform but that run on-premise on either your datacenter, on an edge location or a co-location space. This solution clearly offers best of both clouds by giving customers the flexibility of the public cloud but also control over workloads that stay on-premises.

The software is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation and run on DellEMC VxRail with a mininum of 3 nodes that scales from 3 to 24 nodes.

So What’s new in VMC on Dell EMC


New Certifications and Compliances

VMC on DellEMC adheres now to more certifications and regulations to ensure compliance for the implementation, management and maintenance of information that can be critical to any organization.


New Hardware

There is now a new huge instance type to the catalog which is the “X1d.X-large” offering the double of RAM and the triple of Storage currently available into the most powerful instance.


More Node Counts and Density per Rack

Here are some of the new capabilities available offered by the new generation of VxRail nodes:

  • Supports up to 24 nodes per rack*
  • More capacity to run even more workloads per square foot of datacenter space
  • Offers enterprises scale-up capacity in support of modern advanced workloads
  • Provides additional flexibility and scalability for clustering configurations
  • Density comparable to standard enterprise rack server buildouts

* Support for up to 24 nodes per R2 rack when configured for Three-Phase power source

Multiple Cluster Supported in a Single Rack

  • Customers can now segment their instances to provide specific CPU/Storage resources to different workload in multiple clusters
  • Scalability allowing up to 8 clusters in a single rack*
  • A minimum of 3 nodes is required in each cluster
  • Each segmented resource remains viewable in a single vCenter view
  • Customer can create new clusters by simply adding new nodes or reassigning nodes from existing clusters

* Support for up to 8 clusters –each with a minimum of 3 nodes. Maximum requires R2 rack with Three-Phase power

Support of HCX-based Workload Migration

HCX is now supported with VMC on Dell EMC and provides the following functionality:

  • With the support of VMware HCX, customers can easily move workloads via the customer portal
  • Provides the flexibility to move workloads from and to any eligible host to perform cold, warm or hot/active migrations
  • Provide continuity of service between applications running in two locations
  • Easy migration of workloads from legacy infrastructure to VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Now let’s see how to order a SDDC

The order process is pretty straight forward:

  1. Enter a name and an address for delivery
  2. Specify the type of rack
  3. Indicate the number of host and type of instance
  4. Specify IP address ranges for the different type of network in the SDDC
  5. Choose the term commitment for the SDDC
  6. Review the order

After reviewing your order, press “Order SDDC” to confirm the order. Note that the delivery time can vary based on your location.


Once your order has been created, you can view the order history and the different steps the whole process is going through.


Wrap Up

Some interesting updates were announced at VMworld this year for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC that should be available in Q3’FY 2021, so be patient to get all those new features and capabilities.

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