WMware Cloud on DellEMC announced at DellTechnologies World

At DellTechnologies World, some good announcements have been made including also new partnerships that we’ll talk about in another post.
But before going further, it is important to remind you guys what happened last year at VMworld.

The project Dimension was revealed, which is a new way to deliver the SDDC on hardware as-a-service to customer’s on-premises. It can be implemented on either your datacenters or on an edge location.

So basically, you can have hardware as-a-service on-prem where you can then implement your SDDC stack and never care about hardware maintenance, upgrade, patching etc.. because VMware does it for you. This is a brand new concept which I think is the best combination for Hybrid Cloud to also get rid of CAPEX.

I was pretty excited when this project emerged but then there were no more news about it for quite some time.
Till this week where “WMware Cloud on DellEMC” was announced at Dell Technologies World!

So how does it work?

Well, WMware Cloud on DellEMC brings to customers best of both worlds by combining VMware’s SDDC platform into DellEMC hardware’s VxRail. Regarding the hardware, the exact specs haven’t been provided yet as they are still finalizing the whole solution.

What about ordering and deployment?

You have basically almost nothing to do. Just by calling the API or the UI, you can order your new SDDC with VxRail to the location you want. It is that simple! Then DellEMC will deliver and configure the VxRail to the address you provided, and you’re good to start deploying workloads in your SDDC.

VMware and DellEMC didn’t provide any prices yet but we do know that it will be a single package including the SDDC, hardware, maintenance, patching and support.

So they really take care of everything for you and once you’re done with the solution, they come over to take it out of your datacenter.


WMware Cloud on DellEMC is available now on Beta for some customers and will be released generally in the second half of this year. I believe that VMware may announce at the next VMWorld more parternships with other hardware vendors.

So what do you think? Me, I’m really excited about this new solution and can’t wait to start new WMC on DellEMC projects with customers.

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