The site

This is a personal blog created by Teddy Alerte which focuses mainly on VMware and DellEMC products, but may also occasionally blog about other IT vendors technologies.

My goal is to share with you guys my passion for IT, my experience, give you some tips and helpful information but also talk about solutions we all currently using or future products that will hit the market.

Feel free to reply back to my posts, I’ll be more than happy to interact with you and discuss IT stuff.

See you guys on the blog 🙂

The author

My name is Teddy Alerte, a passionate IT geek since my younger age. I’m also a freelance Solutions Architect currently working in Paris. During my career I had the chance to work for amazing IT companies such as Intel and EMC where I learned a lot and had an amazing experience.

Since then, I’m passionate about EMC and VMware solutions. I’m really glad to be working on such great technologies and this is why I created this blog to express my thoughts about  Virtualization, Storage, Cloud Computing and more.

Disclaimer: Articles expressed anywhere on this site are exclusively mine and not the opinions and/or views of EMC, VMware or any other companies.

Please note also that I don’t take any responsability to any issue you may encounter by following any of the demos that I have presented.