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vSAN Max is Now Generally Available!

vSAN Max logo

At VMware Explore Las Vegas 2023, VMware announced a new offering from the vSAN family: “vSAN Max“.

vSAN Max is now generally available to support the storage needs of your more demanding applications running on vSphere clusters.

Following the recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, the portfolio has now been simplified with 2 major offerings: VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and VMware vSphere Foundation (VVF).

vSAN can now be leveraged through VCF or as an add-on with VMware vSphere Foundation.

For more information about these new offerings, please follow the link below.

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[VMWorld 2020] What’s New in WMware Cloud on Dell EMC

What’s New in WMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Last year VMware Cloud on Dell EMC was announced at the Dell Technology event and later on the new offering was available in some regions across the world.

Now at VMWorld 2020, VMware brings some news to this very special plateform and we’ll go through some of them.

What is VMC on Dell EMC about again?

VMware Cloud on DellEMC is a hardware as-a-service plateform Continue reading