WMware Cloud on DellEMC announced at DellTechnologies World

At DellTechnologies World, some good announcements have been made including also new partnerships that we’ll talk about in another post.
But before going further, it is important to remind you guys what happened last year at VMworld.

The project Dimension was revealed, which is a new way to deliver the SDDC on hardware as-a-service to customer’s on-premises. It can be implemented on either your datacenters or on an edge location.

So basically, you can have hardware as-a-service on-prem where you can then implement your SDDC stack and never care about hardware maintenance, upgrade, patching etc.. because VMware does it for you. This is a brand new concept which I think is the best combination for Hybrid Cloud to also get rid of CAPEX.

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[VMware Tips] How to unlock an ISO file mounted to a VM running vCenter

You might be wondering why the need to add a dvd drive to a VM running vCenter in the first place.

Well, I recently had to upgrade a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) from version 6.5 to 6.5 U1e for a customer by using the offline bundle rather than the online method. This is why I needed to add a dvd drive to the vCenter VM and then mount the VCSA update ISO file. Everything went just fine and my VCSA was up to date and running after a couple of minutes and a reboot.

The thing is that I didn’t immediately un-mount the ISO file and remove the dvd drive from the vCenter VM after the upgrade ; and a few days later I had to configure VCHA (vCenter High Availability) which allow to have a passive vCenter to go online in case of failure of the active node. I won’t go into further details as this is not the topic today.

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VMware released vSphere 6.5!

As many of you already know, VMware unveiled vSphere 6.5 during its yearly event VMworld last month in Barcelona.


vSphere 6.5 has now been released and can be download here, so you can experiencing it, test it out as you like or even implement it in order to upgrade your production environment.


So, let’s recap what’s new in that new version of vSphere.

At VMworld, VMware announced a lot of new interesting features an improvements in their flagship product. Let’s discover some of them in that new release.

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vSphere HTML5 Web Client


Many of you might have heard about the incoming and so awaited new vSphere Web Client in HTML5.

It is now available as a technical preview and can be downloaded here.


The difference is significant compared to the vSphere Web Client with the Flash plug-in. The new one is really fast and smooth. You will really enjoy it to completely let go of the old VI client for those like me who still using it to avoid the Flash version of the vSphere Web Client.

Note that the new vSphere Web Client HTML5 will be officially launched with the release of vSphere 6 Update 2.

Well done VMware, you’re going in the right direction!

EMC welcomes Unity to its family

During EMC World 2016 that has ended a couple of days ago in Vegas, EMC unveiled a brand new product named “Unity”.


So, what is Unity about?

Unity is a modern, scalable, simple and affordable Unified storage array that targets the mid-range storage market. It is a Block and File 2U storage solutions that supports the traditional storage protocols:

  • SAN: FC & iSCSI

Regarding the architecture, it has a new linux-based architecture that was designed for flash and optimized for workload application and virtualized environments.

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Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog!

My goal is to share with you guys my passion for IT and more precisely virtualization and storage, but also share a bit of my experience during my missions.

I know the blog is still quite poor in content but it is new as you know, so stay tuned as there will be more soon.